Parental alienation is very real.

  Parental alienation is very real! Though PA happens in various stages, it is still harmful to children and of course to the target parent. This problem is not solely with one gender but the custodial parent has more power to inflict harm while the non-custodial parent is very much caught off guard. Custodial parents who bad mouth the other parent in front of their children… Read more →

We at MO4SharedParenting see progress in the Missouri legislature!

We at MO4SharedParenting see progress in the Missouri legislature.

We visited last week and received great response from State-CapitolRepresentatives and Senators. Many have seen the dysfunction and bias in our Family Courts, either through personal experience or through stories from friends and family. Everyone we talked to acknowledged there was a definite problem and a few were more than willing to get a bill through this session. We encourage every citizen to call their Representative and Senator and gently encourage them to reform our Family Court system.



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2015 Year of Reform

The New Year has started and there is a lot to do.  This picture depicts the simple reasoning behind Family Law Reform- it’s obvious that children need both parents as an integral part of their lives.  Get the word out that reform is coming in 2015!! Tweet Read more →