Children benefit most from the active involvement of both parents. Absent abuse, neglect or drug use,
the increasing evidence proves that equal shared parenting and joint residence promotes the welfare of
both child and parents after divorce.
  • Affirms parents are forever/divorce ends a marriage not the family
  • Children feel less rejected/fear of losing parent is diminished
  • Children’s attachment bonds are not broken
  • Children adjust much better when contact with both parents is continued
  • Ensures ongoing father/child contact
  • Reduces the risk of losing contact with kinship network (extended family)
  • Protects child’s right to the involvement of both parents
  • Tends to equalize the authority
  • Eliminates the demeaning and artificial concept of contact
  • Allows parents to personalize and tailor a plan to fit the family’s unique needs
  • Litigation and re-litigation is lowered
  • One spouse cannot victimize the other through contact denial
  • Joint residence/custody reduces conflict over time, which is best for child
Children’s relationships are very important and the developmental problems related to divorce stem
mostly from lost adult-child bonds. The role of law in the lives of children must be to protect their
connections with those that love them. There is so much talk about “dead beat dads” and the lack of
male role models in children’s lives today. It is a shame that our Missouri divorce courts and courts
across the country, are actually encouraging males to spend less time with their children. These judges
are making it more difficult for fathers to remain integral parts of their children’s lives. We are working
to stop this practice.


  1. edwin van weelden
    February 4, 2015 at 3:31 AM

    I filed a Pdl in Franklin county Missouri to receive 50/50 custody of my 10 month old daughter. Her mother and I split almost 6 months ago. My visits have been limited to a few hours a week up til recent changes that allow me one overnight every other week. I currently have a 50/50 split with my two other older children from a previous divorce. I need any guidance you can give me to protect my rights as my daughter’s father and not end up just being a “Paycheck” for her mom. I love my kids wholeheartedly and this has been the worst thingmive ever had to deal with.

    • admin
      February 5, 2015 at 1:40 AM

      I’m so sorry for your situation. Family Court is more like a dictatorship and not so much about justice.
      Are you close to Jefferson City? A few of us will be in Jefferson City next Wednesday to lobby our legislators for quick reform of family court system. If you could get there, maybe we could meet and talk. One website that comes to mind is It has a wealth of information, it’s just hard to find a lawyer who will act on it.
      Let me know if you can meet us next Wednesday, February 11.

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