MO 4 Shared Parenting's goal is to make equal shared parenting the norm. This can happen by reforming the family court system and the laws in every state.

OUR MISSION: MO 4 Shared Parenting advocates for the best interest of children in separation or divorce. We are working towards change on an epidemic that is destroying families, parents and children. The family court system as it now exists is stripping the rights of children to have equal access and opportunity with both parents. There is a definite bias against fathers having an equal and meaningful part of their children's lives. We are advocating for the rebuttable presumption in favor of equal shared parenting and residence as being in the best interest of children. We will strive to improve the lives of children and of society as a whole by protecting every child's right to the involvement of both loving parents after separation or divorce.

Parents protest to demand new custody laws

SEPARATED and divorced fathers and mothers gathered at the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid on Spanish Father’s Day (March 19) calling for a legal change to give preference to joint custody. People at the rally, called by associations from across Spain, carried signs declaring “Not with Mum, not with Dad, with both of them,” “Joint custody now,” “No more orphans… Read more →

Breaking News: HB 1131 filed today!

HB 1131 was filed today by Representative Kathy Swan.  Now Missouri has Family Court reform bills in both houses!  Please call and encourage your representative to support this much needed reform bill.  Another step closer to co-parenting being the norm.  It works, and is best for children.   -HB1131 – Tweet Read more →

Leslie Loftis: Mothers speak up for their sons – and enrage hardline feminists   By Leslie Loftis Posted 5th March 2015  I can still remember when the feminist line was “women don’t need any help from men”. Now the new line is #HeForShe, a hashtag encompassing the new calls for men to assist women – at least in theory. Writer Neil Lyndon recently commented on one disconnect between words and action in The Telegraph.… Read more →



MO4SharedParenting had another productive day at the Capitol, Tuesday. Since SB 565 has been filed, we spent the day informing Senators and Representatives on the concept of Equal Shared Parenting. We made contact with 26 of the 34 Senators and made a huge dent on the Representative side. Our main message is children need and want maximum contact with both parents. We urge all of you to please contact your Senator and ask them to support SB 565. You will find contact information on MO4SharedParenting website.